An apt distillation of Dave Dersham's oeuvre from anti-folk / improv-slam artist, James O’Brien (NYC). Cautionary tales of submerging archipelagos, the unfolding eco-dystopia, Samoan pigskin heroes, and the whimsy of Pioneer Valley farm house remediation, where Dave spent his formative years, meandered, and eventually returned. Returned, despite perpetually poor snowpack, increasingly oppressive  heat, and smoke-infused humidity.  

Dave completed his first CD, “The Burn of Summer” (2003) in Somerville, MA engineered by Jabe Beyer, Tim Kelly, and Tom Eaton.  A remarkable musical crew synthesized the sonic threads, winning substantive airtime on Folk Radio’s WUMB (UMASS/Boston), WERS (Emerson College), and as a finalist selection for the emerging artist competition at Mountain Stage – a renowned, nationally syndicated radio show.

“Gilding the Lilies” came out in 2011, recorded and accompanied by kaleidoscopically-stringed visionary,Lloyd Thayer and produced by multi-instrumentalist, Jared Fiske: djembe, electric/acoustic guitar, bass, and keyboard. The sophomore collection was distributed and played in international rotation.

A sly humorist, cultural critic, and melancholy optimist, Dave's third album will arrive in the autumn of 2024, recorded, mixed, and produced by Mark Miller.  All this, despite COVID-19 and its incessant iterations.