House Concerts


In today's Americana market, there are far more quality musicians than well-paying venues – particularly in the United States.  As a response to this conundrum, a network of  house concerts have emerged. Collectively, they can be seen as both a resistance to insatiable corporatism as well as a pragmatic return to the domestically-generated entertainment of the early 19oos, when neighbors, friends, and the like-minded, gathered in the parlor room for music, singing, dancing, and general merriment. 

By transforming one's dining area, den, or back porch into a unplugged performance space, the presenter and audience are liberated from the various stresses often associated with more conventional venues.

No need for a sound engineer (a solid technician is a blessing, but they're not always necessary); an evocative vibe is achieved by ringing the room's perimeter with candle light;  attendance arrives via the host's network of friends, neighbors, co-workers and others seeking a uniquely intimate listening experience;  parking is without hassle as it's adjacent to the host's  home, beside a public street. (unless you're really creative, you won't get towed);  the fare can be generated by a pot luck if this is the host's desire;  the seltzer, wine, and beer, more affordable than any bar one might conjure. 

All donations are payed directly the artists (usually 100%).  Such a method tends to be significantly more robust per audience member than payouts from smaller clubs who – understandably –   have bills, fees, and staff to pay first.

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