House Concerts


For the vast majority of working musicians, there are far too many of us vying for relatively few well-paying venues to produce even a half-modest income -- particularly in the United States. House Concerts, a throwback to the early 1900s era of “parlor room entertainment,” are probably the most innovative response to this conundrum. One way to conceptualize the format is for the host to think of themselves as the Community Arts Patron of their chosen evening.

By transforming one's home into a (usually) unplugged listening space, the patron and musicians significantly reduce the stress-inducing variables associated with most clubs:

No need for an expensive sound engineer (sound engineers are great, but they're not always necessary); atmospheric lighting consists of subdued lamps, a ring of candles. A robust attendance is achieved via the host's network of friends, neighbors, co-workers, and family seeking a distinctly intimate experience.  The parking, hassle-free and even meter-free as it's next to someone's house. (Unless you're really creative, you probably won't get towed). The food, wide-ranging, savory and sweet, often shared as a potluck. The wine, beer, and spirits options, far more affordable than any hipster bar, or any bar, of any sort, anywhere…

In general, all “donations” (not “fees" per se) are payed to the artists directly, creating a sustainability rarely seen in the music circuit where venues often consume 25-30% of the door or more.

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