House Concerts


For most acoustic musicians, there are simply too many of us vying for too few venues, particularly in North America. House Concerts are a whimsical response to this conundrum.  The best way to conceptualize such an arrangement is for the host to think of themselves as the evening's arts patron for their particular community.

By transforming their home into an unplugged listening space, the patron and musicians reduce the somewhat stress-inducing variables associated with most folk clubs:

no need for a sound engineer; lighting consists of subdued lamps, perhaps a ring of candles; a robust attendance is achieved via the reliability of the host's friends, neighbors, and family who want a different sort of experience;  the parking, stress-free and literally free, and unless you're really creative, you probably won't get towed; the food is wide-ranging, often savory, shared as a potluck; the imbibing of wine, beer, and spirits -- if that's your thing -- far more affordable than any bar, anywhere.

And finally, all donations are given directly to the artists.  This creates a level of guaranteed sustainability that is rarely seen in the folk circuit where venues tend to consume 25-30% of the door or more.

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